16th – 23rd November

I arrived in the Capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaata, after a long Aeroflot flight via Moscow. It is a harsh winter -25 to -40 and my friends are uncertain if we will be able to drive 500 miles North to our destination.

Fortunately Mongolians are fearless and love nothing more than a good challenge! They are also the most hospitable people I have met, highly educated and very cheerful.

Mongolia is a huge country, about the same size as Italy, France and Germany combined. It stretches from the Steppe, bordering Siberia in the North and the Gobi Dessert in the South.

It benefits from enormous mineral wealth and is the fastest growing economy in the world. With a population just around 3 million people.

Half the population lives in Ulaanbaata, the rest live rurally in traditional Guur, their way of life little altered since the time of Genghis Khan.

I will to spend time with these people over the next year, experiencing their extraordinary culture hoping to convey first hand experiences through drawings and paintings.