British Artist on his brush with royalty and the Taliban

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An article by Sarah Lazarus for the South China Morning Post   Portrait of the artist as a young man I come from an affluent, military family. When I was seven I was sent away to boarding school. Boarding schools were extremely strict back then – if you were caught talking after lights out, you were caned. I…

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Reflections on painting

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People often describe fine art as “a universal language” and it is true that despite geographical, ethnic and cultural differences, it is natural for humans to enjoy art not because it is necessary for survival, but for art’s own sake. The impulse behind art lies in the pleasure that is derived from conveying the ‘beauty’…

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Alexander’s first exhibition

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“Dreams Become Reality Exhibition” at Huntsman, Savile Row, Alexander Talbot-Rice with Xander Parish.  

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Portrait artist Alexander Talbot Rice strives to capture beauty over time

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Article by Janice Jann for #legend online If the eyes are the window to the soul, then Alexander Talbot Rice’s eyes betray a ravenous soul, his gaze absorbing every detail around him. Talbot Rice’s gaze has recently fallen on Hong Kong, where he is undertaking a project for the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Through his skill as a…

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Professor Mikail Borisovich Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage Museum, unveiled

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Alex presents the finished portrait to Professor Mikhail Borisovich Piotrovsky in front of the world’s media.  

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Sofia Formina

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A clip from a ‘A year in the life of a Portrait Artist’ showing Alexander introducing Sofia Fomina, the renowned opera singer, after the unveiling of her portrait at the Travellers Club in 2015.  

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Inside portrait artist Alexander Talbot Rice’s studio

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Ten schoolchildren from Carmarthenshire have been chosen to fly to Florence to study fine art as part of an art scholarship set up by celebrated portrait artist Alexander Talbot Rice. Rice, whose family used to live in Dinefwr castle, has painted portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher and is currently working on a canvas…

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Young Da Vincis look to Florence

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HUNDREDS of Carmarthenshire schoolchildren have been given the chance to study in some of the world’s artistic hotspots. Artist Alexander Talbot Rice, a direct descendant of the Rhys family of Dinefwr, has launched an art competition which will see the top entrants study in Florence. Promising winners will then be invited to study in St…

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